about Us

Who we are

NOOR AL MISHQAT SHIP SPARE PARTS TRADING LLC is a trading company, dealing in marine, oilfeild, industrial hardware, ship supply.
We are the company provide a wide range of products in marine & hardware. And all exclusive brands provided under one roof. we are the stockist of all product deck/Engine/ spares / adhesive and all the branded products like Molykote /Crc/sika/brightstar /devcon /swarfega/ molyslip/Locktite/Permatex/Ambersil/Bts-Usa/Pattex/Gojo/Araldite/Cordobond/3M, All Non-Sparking Hammers & Hand Tools/Stainless Steel Wiremesh/Rubber Packing/Teflon & Nylon, Brass & Copper Round Bar and Sheets etc.

We are specialist of all Non sparking tools/pneumatic tools

Our Mission

To provide the quality and branded products on right time.

Our mission is to provide durable Marine, oilfeild & Industrial products to our clients. We aim to be the ideal choice Marine, Oilfeild & Industrial  Hardware store for our customers and become the most reliable partner for our suppliers to ensure we achieve our goal of operating globally.


Customer Service
At Noor Al Mishqat Ship Spare Parts Trading Llc we are dedicated to ensuring our customers enjoy our service by putting them first. We believe in serving the client well and appreciate their feedback.

We offer products that are sustainable and provide a warranty to our customers. We do business honestly and ensure all parties in the business transaction have trust in one another.

Our priority lies in giving customers value for their money. We do not compromise on quality as we believe the Marine Industry is crucial and we only desire to be known only like the best.

Timely Delivery
Upon successful transaction, Noor Al Mishqat Ship Spare Part Trading Llc provides timely delivery of goods to the respective hardware stores and warehouses as demanded by the client.


 Our aim seeks to provide our esteemed clients with value for their money, excellence in their operations and innovative products through a combination of a variety of services, merchandise, and an experienced Sales and Customer Service Team.

Our Brands